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The perfect gentleman: it’s one of those things that we all seem to think we are, but are we really? See how you measure up by taking our quick quiz below.

For each of your answers you will receive a corresponding amount of points:
A = 1 point
B = 2 points
C = 3 points

Add up your points from each question as you go along to find out which category you finally fall into. Good luck, chaps!

1. Who would you say is more your style icon out of the following?
A. Joey Essex – I like his laid back, modern style and penchant for new, exciting designers
B. Harry Styles – he smartens up his casual everyday style without looking like he tries to hard
C. David Gandy – I’m all for his tip-top tailoring and dapper details

2. What is your fail-safe piece in your wardrobe?
A. A pair of jeans – do I need to own any other bottoms?
B. A white long sleeve shirt – I can wear it for work, the weekend and anything in between
C. A suit – every man should own a decent suit

3. Which accessory can you never leave the house without?
A. My phone – that’s an accessory, right?
B. A leather wallet – forever in my back pocket
C. A tie – a shirt just doesn’t look the same without

4. Those trousers you have to wear tonight are suddenly a couple of inches too big around the waist, what do you do?
A. Work it – I live in low-rise
B. Phone mum/the wife – she loves an alteration, doesn’t she?
C. Take them to your tailor – always on hand in a sizing disaster

5. You’ve got a big event coming up, what’s your grooming ritual beforehand?
A. A quick shower – ready in ten
B. I’m the king of product – exfoliate, shave, moisturise and a douse of good scent
C. The works – it’s a week-long preparation involving a trip to the barbers, a close shave and maybe even a facial

If you scored 5-7 points:
Still a long way to go old boy, so firstly brush up on your knowledge with our 10 Rules of Sartorial Style. Then, why not start work on your gentlemanly wardrobe by shopping for a beautiful suit – there’s even £100 off selected suits at the moment with code SUIT100.

If you scored 8-12 points:
Not bad at all, you’re shaping up to becoming quite the fine gent. Read up on the essentials in our #FlannelsGentleman posts and add to your current smarter style with some suave updates from our Wardrobe Staples edit.

If you scored 12+ points:
Congratulations, you are already the perfect gentleman. Keep up the good work with slick additions to your existing sartorial wardrobe. Why not try updating your formal shirt selection, cufflinks and ties or adding a luxury leather technology cover to your everyday look.