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For more than twenty years Canada Goose has partnered with the film and entertainment industry, sponsoring international film festivals, keeping cast and crew warm both on and off camera on set, therefore it’s no surprise to us that they’re releasing their own film showing what incredible feet’s people have been to in the Canada Goose apparel.
The History

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose are cold weather outerwear specialists; pioneering high-performance garments with an innovative approach to fabric technology. Handmade in Canada today, 100% of Canada Goose’s production is within the country and they have become synonymous with down filled jackets and fur-trimmed parkas that are seen in all manners of life from Hollywood film sets to Arctic expeditions. Canada Goose has long since been a brand associated with the film industry after gaining a reputation as leaders for providing ultimate defence against the elements on those long days and nights on cold sets around the world. Recently the cast of Spectre have all praised the Canadian cold weather experts for their essential coverage when filming in the Austrian Alps for the latest instalment in the Bond franchise.

The Film

When faced with extreme weather situations your clothing means the difference between life and death. Canada Goose use state of the art insulation technologies when creating each garment and this defence can be hailed as lifesaving when things go wrong in extreme terrain. The iconic brand are now cementing their relationship with the film industry by releasing their own feature. ‘Out There’ sees veteran filmmakers Paul Haggis and Sean Bobbitt recreate a true story of survival in the harshest of conditions that takes inspiration from several harrowing tales from world-famous explorers such as Laurie Skreslet and Paddy Doyle.