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A Day At The Polo: With FLANNELS England

A Day At The Polo: With FLANNELS England

Horses, elite sportsmen and lavish champagne-fuelled lunches. Just a few components that make up the game of polo. With FLANNELS England taking victory, The Royal Salute Coronation Cup 2017 was a roaring success. In true British fashion, not even the pouring rain could dampen the spirits of either players or spectators. Dedicated athletes each and every one, a sportsman has to strike the balance between working and playing hard in order to stay at the top of his game. The FLANNELS England team took some time out to tell us what their perfect day at the polo looks like – including some much-deserved post-match celebrations.

Hero Image: Ed Hands


“My post-match celebrations start with an ice-cold beer in the team tent, along with friends, family and teammates. After that, we will head to the after party. The result of our performance usually relates to how hard I celebrate – it is obviously always great to win but there are some victories that mean more to me than others!”

Company: My family and of course our dog, Flashman – he’s our third child!
Food: I’m a big fan of Sushi but if that’s not an option then a good English pub supper.
Drink: I would have to say a Bloody Mary.
Location: Sotogrande has it all. You get the beach, you play late in the evening and all of your family can join you – it’s just a fairly relaxed lifestyle.
The Look: I tend to keep it casual with my Hurlingham 1875 jacket, a cap and jeans.


“After match celebrations normally start with a few sips out of the trophy – hopefully – and then it's on to some socialising around the field with friends and fellow polo lovers. I’ll then head back to the team tent to get changed and have a few Coronas with family and any supporters before heading to the Clubhouse to plan the evening’s activities.”

Company: Friends who are fans of the sport and family.
Food: Dinner at Wabi in Horsham with plenty of drinks always goes down well.
Drink: I would start with a few glasses of champagne before moving onto some Coronas and then perhaps, if the mood is right, I might enjoy a whiskey later on.
Location: My favourite place in the world to play would be Australia; there are two amazing set-ups – Garangula and Ellerston. The weather is normally good and I have great friends there.
The Look: I’m a jeans and shirt man. When it comes to shoes, I’m a big fan of a slip-on.


“Straight after a match I like to enjoy a cool lager with my teammates and reflect on the game, but after that I will go out and celebrate with friends and family. My evening of choice would be a good pub supper, followed by a performance by a live band, and then perhaps a bit of a dance.”

Company: It has to be family – my wife Cata and two children, Lucas Rufino and Flora.
Food: It would depend on where I had been playing but in Ascot it has to be Don Beni’s while in Cowdray it’s The Duke of Cumberland.
Drink: A good red wine – I’m happy with either a glass of Malbec or Claret.
Location: There are a few places that I love but my favourite would be Cowdray Park Polo Club in West Sussex.
The Look: I tend to keep it smart casual – you never know where the night will take you so I feel it’s safest to look smart, without being overdressed.


“My post-match wind-down is all about my horses and checking they are all OK – this is absolutely crucial to me. Once that's done, I can relax with my teammates and we chill with some light-hearted jokes about the match. My favourite thing after a match though is a hot shower followed by a steam, sauna and massage, but unfortunately that’s not always possible.”

Company: Pixie, my favourite pony, plus Millie, our dog. Why? Because they can't answer back!
Food: If I’m going out with friends then we regularly seem to find ourselves at The Big Diner but if I’m by myself it’s usually chicken and rice, with extra teriyaki sauce.
Drink: I’m not a big drinker so nothing too exciting, probably just a full fat Coke!
Location: Deauville in France is amazing – being able to take my horses for quick post-match dip in the sea is just incredible.
The Look: Pretty much always the same . . . jeans and a white T-shirt.