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AT FLANNELS:   with Anz


Whenever people ask me about how Manchester is - I always just tell them to come, come visit, spend a weekend here.”

Producer and DJ Anz fondly remembers arriving in her adopted hometown. Born in London, she was studying in Liverpool when a friend offered her a car seat on an impromptu road trip one sunny afternoon. “I remember sitting by Castlefield - which is not that far from where I live now - listening to some dubstep off my phone with a couple of my mates,” she recalls. “Just sat on a bench looking out into the sun.”

Anz would soon relocate to the city, and began making tracks that she’d upload to Soundcloud. She’d soon be embraced by the Manchester music scene, and was inspired to go harder by the work ethic of the community around her: “It’s hard for it not to rub off on you,” she explains. “If you just graft really hard you can do your thing too, and people will recognise. It’s very infectious.”

Wilmslow Road became the training ground on which she’d develop her DJ skills, playing 50 capacity parties at a basement bar called Indigo, and pushing the decks out of her friend Craig’s living room window for low-key roof raves above a betting shop. Her adventures on Wilmslow Road also played a part in defining her style, which is very functional; contemporary brands like 1017 ALYX 9SM are perfectly crafted to mirror her on-the-go lifestyle, which involves a lot of moving around the city, and staying on her feet for hours. She likes to play around with proportion and layers, and juxtaposes unisex clothing - like an oversized t-shirt from Heron Preston - with her make-up and nails: “These little flexes of femininity wrapped in a big oversized jacket.”

Now having graduated to playing sets all over the world, Anz’s favourite hometown spots are Soup Kitchen and The White Hotel. “Soup has definitely been a big part of my journey DJing across the years,” she says. “Myself Jungle Joe, Finn, Tom Boogizm and Chunky held our very last party before lockdown there and I think that night will forever be crystallised in my mind.”

As she approaches her fourth year broadcasting from NTS Manchester, the station and its community have become instrumental in her artistic growth. “It’s the one place I’m allowed to be my 100% authentic self,” she says. Never allowing herself to be locked down by the rules of any specific genre, her sound fuses everything from grime and garage to electro and UK funky, and NTS allows her to showcase this through her monthly shows.

Having lived in Manchester now for six years, Anz couldn’t imagine herself ever wanting to leave: “Whenever I think of home, I think of Manchester.”


Interview by Grant Brydon 

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