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Champion Of Style: Ian Wright

Champion Of Style: Ian Wright

Few footballers are as qualified to give a coaching session on style as Ian Wright. The ex-England player and Arsenal record-breaker has fashioned himself a slick aesthetic over the years – he’s as stylish off the pitch as he ever was on it. Aside from his ace sartorial choices, his punditry has consistently garnered praise for its inimitable style and explosive honesty, too. Is there nothing this man can’t do? The confident grin on his face when we meet him says not.

If Wright’s first love is the beautiful game, then his second love is bikes. A passion we encounter first hand when we hand him the keys to a brand new Triumph Bobber. And like any self-respecting enthusiast, Wright always looks the part, whether he’s riding or not. A life-long fan of Belstaff, he was the obvious choice for our collaboration with the cult British heritage brand. We caught up with the man himself whilst on set to tackle all of today’s most pressing subjects – bikes, balls and strong>Belstaff's classic weather-proof jackets.

Talk us through your most stylish moment on the pitch.

I’d say I scored a really cool goal against Everton. Best goal I ever scored. It was quite stylish because I did a lot of fancy flicks with the ball. Over his head, over another guy’s head, over the goal keeper’s head. It was quite stylish and pretty cool, if I’m gunna be totally honest.

What makes Belstaff a style winner?

I’ve worn Belstaff for many, many years now, because it’s a classic. You know, they don’t really move too far away from the classic look – in respect of zips all over the place, nah. It’s got padding in the right places, you can wear it on the bike and off the bike. The leather is always top drawer, it’s classic, they don’t really stray away from the classic biker jacket look or the classic four pocket wax jacket and it’s, you know, perfect.

Tell us about your all-time favourite football shirt.

When I first went to Arsenal they had this really psychedelic, weird yellow shirt with different colours in it. And I suppose because it was the first shirt I played for Arsenal in, it’s the one that I like the most.

What is your favourite shirt off the pitch?

In respects to off the pitch, I do like a classic white linen shirt, in the summer, with beige linen trousers.

What is the most memorable trip you ever made on your bike?

I rode across America once, from Florida to San Diego, which was really quite intense and quite hard work, but it was brilliant. Big road, you know, big road and a massive place. There’s so much to do in America. It was unbelievable. Just open road and big sky.

Who is your style icon on the pitch?

I think I’d probably have to say Andrea Pirlo – Pirlo, Italian player, he was brilliant. I could say as well Paolo Di Canio. Beckham, I have to say Becks, he’s pretty stylish as well.

Who is your style icon off the pitch?

Edward, Edward and Mrs Simpson, you know the guy who abdicated. I’ve got a brilliant book on him in the house, and the clothes that he wore, for all occasions he was proper stylish. You know, you could go for all sorts of film stars, but I just think that his style was quite knock out. As soon as you mention style icon to me, he comes to mind, because he was just so stylish. His look was very British, Saville Row, brogue shoes, bow ties, cravats, linen shirt, everything for the right time and it was always perfect.

What is the most extravagant item of fashion you own?

Probably my watch. Otherwise I’d have to say, I bought a pair of jogging bottoms the other day and I still won’t tell my wife how much they cost. That was majorly extravagant, man.