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FLANNELS Five: A Five Point Guide To Party Shoes

FLANNELS Five: A Five Point Guide To Party Shoes

Formal footwear, dancing shoes, party kicks – whatever you want to call them, the festive season calls for an especially fancy pair. You may not have the pelvic thrust of Elvis or the swagger of our favourite ‘Stone Mick Jagger (the man has entire songs dedicated to his moves), but whether you’re skipping the queue for guest-list entrance to the club or shaking it on the ‘floor with Carol from accounts at the office party, your feet deserve the A-list treatment. From trainers that are smart enough to get you past security to the benefits of a glossy leather, these are the things to consider when choosing your party shoes this season.

Black leather Givenchy Derby Rider shoes


Whilst you may not want to identify as ‘hipster’, there’s no denying that those guys have got the smart-shoes-with-rolled-up-trousers thing nailed. This season, traditional Derby shoes have had the Givenchy treatment with a branded zip and laceless upper. Wear with turned-up trousers and an over-shirt or a formal suit. Avoid beards.

Giuseppe Zanotti white May patent trainers


Striking the balance between smart and casual for a smart-casual dress-code is a challenge. Too much of one and not enough of the other can be disastrous and result in unnecessary wardrobe-related embarrassment. Luckily, these Giuseppe Zanotti trainers combine polished formality with a relaxed trainer silhouette. Wear with checked trousers and a blazer and Tee.

Gucci brown croc tassel loafers


Patent is an instant qualifier for any party wardrobe, and these brown croc loafers by Gucci are a fine example of the material at its best. The style is classically elegant, whilst the patent leather gives them just enough flashiness to make them feel special. Party on.

White Valentino Bounce paint trainers


As this pretty cool guy illustrates, sports-inspired sneakers like Valentino’s chunky-soled Bounce style can be transformed with the addition of some relatively smart chinos and a roll neck. Because nothing says sophistication like a roll neck and being ‘in’ on the ugly trainer trend . . .

Gucci Jordan GG velvet loafer


Consider this: a man walks into a party wearing a pair of leather shoes. No-one is particularly impressed, though they may garner some compliments depending upon their quality and state of repair. Now picture this: a man walks into a party wearing a pair of velvet Gucci loafers. The crowd goes wild. You choose.