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Flannels Five: Chic Poolside Essentials

Flannels Five: Chic Poolside Essentials

Perhaps one of the most visually glamorous locations known to womankind, the reality of poolside relaxing can sometimes be, well, a bit more challenging than it looks in the movies. Sticky sunscreen, pool-soaked hair, the impossibility of simultaneously reading and getting an even tan. The list goes on. This year, we’re bypassing all potential poolside faux pas by packing five ultra-glamorous poolside essentials. Think Faye Dunaway post-Oscars night, Helmut Newton for Vogue and all of your pastel-coloured Slim Aarons dreams come to life. Dive in.


These slightly impractical but oh-so-chic Fendi sliders embody our poolside agenda for this year’s vacation. The pom-poms are cute but demand that you stay at a cocktail-clutching arms-length from the water. Sit back and relax.


A mojito at dusk is guaranteed to taste better when quaffed in a beautiful dress. Dolce & Gabbana have long been famed for their holiday-perfect prints and materials, and the Ortensia cotton Bardot is a case in point. Just lovely.


For evenings spent at the pool bar, a sleek and chic cross-body bag is a must. The pastel hues of this Fendi Kan I Mini are an Instagram dream, and will perfectly compliment your holiday wardrobe of pretty florals and blue-hued dresses.


Of course, shades are a non-negotiable when it comes to lounging by the infinity pool. Iconic in their own right, your ocean view can only be enhanced by a sleek pair of Céline sunglasses. Lie back by the azure waters and watch the clouds go by.


A sea breeze demands some sort of cover-up as the evening sets in, and a silk scarf provides optimum coverage with style. This Gucci floral number also doubles up as a head-wrap, just as the Hollywood starlets used to do it. All you need now is a Cadillac convertible.

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