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FLANNELS Five: Cult Logo Pieces

FLANNELS Five: Cult Logo Pieces

A brand’s logo is its frontline, and their recent, very stylish resurgence has fuelled our desire to wear them louder and prouder than ever. As fashion fixes go, few things can afford a wearer instant gratification like a logo. They sum up all of our aspirations and desired affiliations in one neat graphic – a symbolic hit of designer-driven endorphins. They’re the best way to make even the most ordinary outfit luxurious, a coat of arms that associates you with the elite accoutrements of a high fashion lifestyle. Having surfaced from the pool of shame that was its late ‘00s trash celebrity connotations, the logo has re-found its place in fashion through a new-found sense of irony and clever, nostalgic styling. The Gucci Double G (so distinguished it demands capitalisation) and the Fendi F branding (in icon and Zucca print form, which Kanye West once had shaved into his hair), are amongst some of the most widely recognised logos on the planet. Proudly worn by the global style elite, both have reached certified cult status. Read on for our edit of the season’s most sought-after logo pieces.

White Givenchy sliders


We’ll readily admit that we’re not quite brave enough to try socks and sliders. That being said, we’ll dive feet first quite happily into these Givenchy logo edition. Not ones to beat around the bush, the power of Givenchy’s logo is all there in black and white.

Versace printed logo cap


Part of a season that saw Donatella Versace celebrate her late brother’s creative genius through nostalgic collections that referenced his early work, this Versace cap returns to the brand’s signature baroque prints and archive logos in fresh colours perfect for spring.

Valentino Elasticated Sock Trainer


These pretty maximalist trainers make up for their athletic excess with a more subtle approach to the logo trend. The Valentino signature is writ large in a classic style across the shoe’s mesh ankle panel. Modern, sports styling with the maison’s iconic high-fashion finish.

Saint Laurent 1966 Logo T-shirt


Referencing the French House’s original 1966 RTW Saint Laurent Rive Gauche logo, this Tee revives on old but much-loved emblem that was radical in its time. Its clean lines and cubic shape make it feel as relevant now as it was then – an icon amongst icons, its enduring appeal is testament to the power of really good design.

Fendi logo belt


Double trouble with two logos in one on this staple accessory that will elevate jeans, suit trousers and cargo pants alike. The Fendi belt was part of a collection that saw the 53 year old trademark return to the catwalk for SS18. A bit retro, a bit futuristic, very Fendi and very fun.