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FLANNELS Five: Fourth Of July Wardrobe Updates

FLANNELS Five: Fourth Of July Wardrobe Updates

Whether or not you were born in the USA (as Springsteen’s anthem goes), the Fourth of July is a great opportunity to indulge in some wholesome, all-American, rock ‘n’ roll fun. When we say wholesome, we only mean insofar as beer and a luxe wardrobe update will allow. Any excuse for a fridge pack, barbeque and short-shorts and we’re there. We’ll be celebrating the United States’ declaration of independence in a striking ensemble comprised of the famous red, white and blue. Get in the festive spirit whilst avoiding any Uncle Sam comparisons with our edit of wardrobe updates perfectly suited to the celebrations. Happy Fourth of July.


America, land of the brave, home of the sneaker. Whilst we’re all for Americana, there’s no denying that an Italian brand like Valentino, with its military cues and bold colour palette, marries USA style with luxe heritage perfectly. Ideal for demonstrating an independent spirit.


The USA has a storied relationship with denim. In fact, it’s practically a by-word for jeans. It was there that it moved its way out of workwear and firmly into our sartorial vernacular. Italian juggernaut Gucci’s luxury take on a washed-out, badged-up blue jean jacket is a great way to demonstrate your patriotism (to the land of great denim).


Inventors of the La-Z-Boy, it’s no secret that Americans like to kick back and relax. Whilst we’re sure they’d protest this label and we wouldn’t dream of tarring an entire nation with the same brush, we’d quite like to get into the chilled-out spirit they’re famous for by slipping into a pair of D&G’s hotel-inspired sliders. Because relaxing is the greatest luxury on earth.


Okay, so the brand might be Canadian by heritage, but that doesn’t mean that these bright red trunks are any less appropriate for ringing in the 4th of July in style. Try really getting into the spirit with a striped or star-spangled T-shirt, courtesy of Stone Island and Givenchy respectively.


Cow boys and Indians, the iconic stars and stripes. The US of A is getting a bit of bad press at the moment, but there are certain things about their culture that we can all appreciate. Fast food, slick cars and the West Coast to name a few. Show your support with a suitably star-studded knit by Givenchy.