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FLANNELS Five: Of Summer's Best Sunglasses

FLANNELS Five: Of Summer's Best Sunglasses

It’s a well-known fact of life that a pair of shades has the power to make a man look instantly cool. Take a moment to consider some of the world’s biggest style icons – their frame of choice is often one of their defining features. Karl Lagerfeld’s tinted wayfarers, Mick Jagger’s wire-framed aviators, Elton John’s coloured lenses and John Lenon’s rounded specs are all burned onto our collective style conscious. Remember Kanye’s shutter glasses? Whilst we’re glad that trend is over, it was pretty radical at the time. Every man should have a decent collection of sunglasses in his accessories wardrobe – they can make an outfit. Even a T-shirt and shorts can be elevated to the height of fashion with a pair of slick shades. This summer, as most summers, Gucci has got it right. From tried-and-tested classics to directional coloured frames, these are the styles to check out this summer.

Gucci GG0335 Square Gold Metal Frame Sunglasses


We have Hollywood to thank for the popularisation of sunglasses as every-day attire, but it’s Gucci we have to thank for these square metal shades. A sleek, gold-hued frame and subtle logo detail will instantly transform you into Steve McQueen. Well, sort of.

Gucci Square Frame Sunglasses

Gucci GG0262SA Blue Pilot Sunglasses


These blue pilot-shape sunglasses were inspired by the style of the ‘80s. Now, if there was a decade that got high-octane summer fashion right, it was the decade that gave birth to Miami Vice and Top Gun. Think Starsky and Hutch in technicolour.

Gucci Blue Sunglasses

Gucci GG0270s Aviator Multilayer Black Sunglasses


Go undercover in these statement all-black aviators. Bold by design and big on tinted lenses, X-ray specs they are not – but they’ll have the combined effect of making you feel like James Bond circa. 1975 and of helping you go incognito. One word: slick.

Gucci Aviator Sunglasses

Gucci GG0262SA Orange Sunglasses


When you touch down in Ibiza, you’ll be glad you opted for something less ordinary. You’re on holiday and you’re not basic. In a sea of wayfarers, be the one to sport these peachy flouro flat top sunglasses. It’s true what they say, especially when you’re partying in VIP – go big or go home. Make sure you pack your shades.

Gucci Orange Sunglasses

Gucci GG0320S Double Bridge Sunglasses


Why have one bridge when you can have two? A point of interest (on the bridge of your nose) will instantly elevate even the most mundane of outfits. Hair let you down? Outfit not on point? Heavy night last night? These Gucci double-bridge shades have got your back.

Gucci Double Bridge Sunglasses