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FLANNELS Five: Of The Best Down Jackets

FLANNELS Five: Of The Best Down Jackets

Winter is coming, to borrow a popular phrase from a well-known network television programme. The temperature drops, and we find ourselves reaching for the most reliable piece of outerwear in our wardrobe arsenal – a down jacket. But lo, our trusted piece of kit is from last season. It smells vaguely of beer and whilst it’s still perfectly functional, nothing but nothing beats slipping into the padded softness of a new down coat. These puffed up jackets of feather-filled warmth have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. And for good reason. They might just be the warmest thing since the electric blanket your gran bought you for Christmas three years ago. Except they’re portable, wearable and ultimately very cool. Even Balenciaga sent a few down the runway. Here are our favourite styles of the season.


A perennial favourite, the bomber jacket in its winter incarnation comes chock full of the finest Canadian duck down, courtesy of our good friends at Canada Goose. An A-list favourite seen everywhere from movie sets to Manchester, get your hands on this slick graphite version of the classic bomber.


“The warmest coat in the world” is a big claim to make. Canada Goose have actually made that claim, and for good reason. If warmth and aesthetics are what you’re after, the Carson parka has it all: form and function. For those that wear their style on their sleeve.


Shiny. Glossy. Polished. Whatever you want to call it, there’s something about the vinyl-esque material and retro colour scheme that has us all over this Moncler jacket. A subtle nod to their French ‘50s past, it’s nonetheless ultra fresh and ready for the new season.


There’ll be no missing you on the slopes in this Dsquared2 ski coat. Only for the slickest of alpine sportsmen, you’ll stick out like a stylish thumb against the white snowy backdrop of the mountain.


Gucci do athletic apparel like no other luxury fashion house. When the street met the Italian behemoth that is Gucci, this jacquard puffa jacket was born, complete with the maison’s signature double G print. And it’s filled with down, so it’s incredibly warm, too.