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FLANNELS Five: Of The Best Lightweight Jackets

FLANNELS Five: Of The Best Lightweight Jackets

Is it too early to be contemplating spring? The lighter evenings, mildly warmer days (perhaps a bit optimistic) and weak but welcome sunshine? We think not. It’s almost March, and while the end of February has plunged most of the UK into what feels like sub-zero temperatures, a more temperate season is (almost) upon us and we’re looking forward to it. As are our wardrobes. Call us over-zealous, but we can’t wait to be off with the heavy winter coats and on with lighter, more pliable jackets. It’s a transitional time, when you’re as likely to encounter showers as you are sunshine and a biting wind as you are a balmy breeze, so a lightweight jacket will keep you warm and dry in all weather-related eventualities whilst avoiding commute perspiration or evening shivers whence the sun has sunk. To make sure you’re prepared, here are our favourite lightweight jackets for, dare we say it, spring.


Coach jackets are a bona fide streetwear staple. Like many street trends, its roots are firmly in sportswear. Borrowed from sports coaches (literally, the guys and girls that trained the teams), a coach jacket is both easy to wear and has the sort of familiar, retro-futuristic nostalgia peculiar to ‘90s-inspired pieces. Lanvin’s slick symbol-emblazoned version is our favourite and by far the most directional of the season.


We don’t really have a bad word to say about denim. How could we, when it has proven one of our most reliable sartorial allies over the years? No wardrobe would be complete without an essential jean jacket – a combination of rugged functionality and rock ‘n’ roll associations has ensured its place in our hearts forever. Check out Lanvin’s luxe take on a lightweight icon here.


By now you will be well aware that shell jackets are among the new season’s most highly recommended purchases. The rise of athleisure has meant that sportswear is no longer the preserve of athletes and fans. Instead, it now has legitimate, luxury street style accreditation, demonstrated best by Valentino’s luxe funnel neck zip-through.


Trever Andrew, AKA Gucci Ghost – an ex-Olympian, graffiti artist and now Gucci’s foremost collaborator, is living proof that defacing public property can be lucrative. Not that we condone criminal damage. Instead, invest in this silky, lightweight Gucci bomber and indulge your rebellious alter-ego without risking arrest.


The word ‘kagoul’ isn’t very appealing. For some it conjures memories of childhood holidays spent in damp caravans on the rainy British coast, for others, images of middle aged men zipping up on their mid-week sojourn to the local boozer. No more. The windbreaker has had an overdue renaissance, courtesy of luxury super brand, Fendi amongst others. Get one now.