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FLANNELS Five: Of The Best White Sneakers

FLANNELS Five: Of The Best White Sneakers

We had a total white out at FLANNELS HQ this week, kicking about with every pair of white trainers under the sun until we could mutually agree on our favourites. A mainstay of our footwear wardrobes, every man should own a pair of slick, luxury white kicks. Forget your dirt-related concerns, keeping them pristine is part of the fun – just check the weather before you leave the house. At least both the Met Office and the BBC. A ubiquitous fashion week trend, they’re one of the few styles of shoe where wearing ankle-high white socks is acceptable. Trust us, everyone from Givenchy to Vetements was doing it, not to mention the street-style set in their Reebok Classics and Nike Huaraches. Here are five of the new season’s best.


The average man on the street probably won’t be sporting a pair of these slick, luxe sneakers, but they profess to be ‘Urban Street Low Tops’ anyway. And god bless Givenchy for calling them that. Slip them on and take your first steps towards cool.


Not long ago, if you’d told us we’d be hankering after a gold embroidered bee on our sneakers, we’d have laughed. Not so now. Because of Gucci, it has become one of fashion’s most coveted creatures. Buzz off.


We’ve been courting with the idea of treating ourselves to a pair of Fendi’s famous sneakers for a while, and these Vitello low tops have swayed us. Stare into the signature monster eyes, feel their curiously enigmatic gaze and do it.


Somewhere between an architectural feat of white leather and a very trendy Michelin Man lies these Moncler sneakers. A pair of trainers any street savvy tech expert from Shoreditch would be proud of, but executed to the exacting standards of a French luxury fashion house. Yes please.


If it hasn’t got something shiny and gold on it, then we don’t want to know. That’s how these Dolce & Gabbana sneakers make us feel, anyway. I mean why settle for anything else, when your trainers can have the Midas touch?

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