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FLANNELS Five: Style Resolutions

FLANNELS Five: Style Resolutions

The New Year is fast approaching, and with it the possibility of a total personal and sartorial shake-up. Whilst there are some clichéd New Year’s resolutions that are ultimately impossible to keep (cutting out sugar, hitting the gym five times a week – unless you’re a better man than us, in which case, kudos), may we make some wardrobe-related suggestions for ones that aren’t? New Year’s Eve presents itself as an evening of opportunity and hope (please – we’re so done with 2016), but the night itself is, all too often, vaguely disappointing. Not an awful lot seems to change as the clock strikes 12 – the wrongs and ills of the previous year aren’t all of a sudden forgotten or void. Despite this annual disappointment, your sartorial choices for 2017 needn’t be. Make a commitment to dressing well now with our five style resolutions. You’ll find it’s much easier to tempt yourself into purchasing those trainers you’ve always wanted than you will to be nicer to your mother-in-law. Good work.


A new year means a new start for you and your wardrobe. It’s also a time to celebrate the achievements of the previous year, and treat yourself to that investment piece you’ve always wanted. Like a beautifully crafted Moncler jacket. It’s also a great way to relieve the disappointment of some of the slightly rubbish Christmas presents you were unlucky enough to be the recipient of.


Whether or not you intend to stick to a rigorous three-month training regime, designed to attain an Adonis-like beach body in a matter of weeks (ahem), we’d like recommend investing in some athletic apparel that might at least get you in the mood, if not in the gym. These Gucci jogging bottoms are as stylish as they are motivational. Great for lounging in, too.


“Basic” essentials don’t have to be just that – basic. Any and every casual look can be elevated with the addition of a statement t-shirt, like this one by Neil Barrett. Just as convenient as their simplified counterparts, a logo Tee, potentially with added embellishments, adds instant lift and added style to your look. Make 2017 the year you say “no” to dull jersey.


A new year heralds a new dawn in denim. Stow away your favourite, beat-up old jeans (they can still make an appearance every now and again), and instead enter the bold new territory of the new year in some new denim. Have we said new too many times? Never. Try these classics by Jacob Cohen for that perfect wash and fit.


Nothing says “Happy New Year” like a pair of brand new trainers. Walk into 2017 with some slick sneakers on your feet and it is bound to be a success. We suggest channelling some luxe athleticism with key pieces by Giuseppe Zanotti, Y-3, Filling Pieces and Android Homme available now on

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