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FLANNELS Five: Ways To Nail Poolside Cool

FLANNELS Five: Ways To Nail Poolside Cool

There is an etiquette to poolside dressing – a sartorial code reserved only for bathing. In parts of France wearing speedos (affectionately known as budgie smugglers) is compulsory – great for those who can pull them off, less so for those who can’t. Luckily, in most holiday destinations, a well-fitting pair of swim shorts will suffice. Unlike other annual events, holidays are more about what you don’t have to wear (a suit, a tie, shoes.) Conversely, they’re still a great opportunity to parade around in some of your best vacation clobber – holiday confidence and the knowledge that you’re unlikely to bump into anyone from work mean you can be a little more adventurous and playful than IRL. Still, the essence of cool in a holiday scenario is looking nonchalant – like you haven’t really tried at all. The beauty of it is that you can pack very little, and still make a big impact. To help you out, here’s a small guide to nailing style by the pool.

Gucci Bee Star Swim Shorts and Versace Greco print swim shorts


When you’re not wearing much else, a lot depends on your shorts. There are a few things to consider, namely: style, fit and colour and print. You want something that will work both in the water and out of it when you’re sipping cocktails at the bar. Classic French swimwear brand Vilebrequin serves up reliably well-fitting shorts every year, whilst Gucci’s embroidered pair and Versace’s iconic Greco print shorts will add a more than a little panache to your poolside look.

Gucci GG0262SA Blue Pilot Sunglasses


Not only are sunglasses vital for protecting you from the sun’s rays, they’re also great for tired eyes the morning after one too many Piña Coladas. We have it on good authroity that Tom Ford has never let a man down when it comes to eyewear, and these metal rimmed specs with a modern bridge are amongst our favourites of the season. Whether you opt for mirrored aviators or a more conservative style, your shades are a defining feature of any poolside look.

Gucci printed cap


When you’re about to plunge headfirst into the pool no amount of styling can save your hair from the ravages of chlorine and the sun. Unless you’re one of the few men on earth blessed with a mop that dries like they do it at the salon, a cap will be your best post-pool friend. Whether you’re hairless or hirsute, they also provide also some much needed scalp protection. As versatile as they are on-trend.

MCM Logo Rubber Sliders in white and gold


Pool sliders are named as such for a reason. They are utterly practical and were designed originally for use (you guessed it) by the pool. They are also now at peak cool, which is great news for your holiday wardrobe – aquatic footwear of this kind was seen the length and breadth of the runways and has been a regular high-fashion fixture for a while. Athletic and modern, we couldn’t think of better shoes to lounge around in.

Dsquared2 Hawaii short sleeved polo shirt


Sometimes, even hanging around by the pool requires a little ceremony, especially at the more up-market resorts we like to frequent during the summer season. When you finally manage to get your lounger into the upright position, a move to the poolside Champagne bar means smartening up a bit. Throw on a polo shirt and you’re ready for the Moët.