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FLANNELS Five: Wedding Survival Essentials

FLANNELS Five: Wedding Survival Essentials

Surviving event season can be a bit of a chore. Ready yourself for all eventualities with our guide to toughing it out in style. We tend to find that the fastest way to wedding success is a set of slick, luxury essentials and accessories to keep you looking the part. From the perfect pair of Gucci’s dance-floor-appropriate dress shoes, to Tom Ford’s versatile shades, these are the pieces that will see you through to the bitter end, whether or not your best man speech is triumph.


Shades are a necessity at weddings. Ideal for hiding behind during those tear-jerker moments (although you might get some funny looks for wearing sunglasses during the ceremony), they’re the cool-man’s equivalent of a hanky. Channel George Clooney with these slick Tom Ford versions – perfect for nailing that ‘celebrity-seeking-anonymity’ vibe, which is sure to get the bridesmaids going. Maybe.


Being late is a big no-no, especially if you’re the best man and have the wedding bands in tow. Avoid any potential Hugh Grant moments (speeding on the motorway shouting obscenities is ill-advised on the morning of the nuptials) with a stylish timepiece from Paul Smith.


Dreading the cheesy music and obligatory appearance on the dancefloor? Those with two left feet might need a little help keeping their cool whilst dancing the night away. These limelight-stealing Gucci brogues will, hopefully, be enough of a distraction from your terrible moves to allow you to maintain some of your dignity. Big respect for the John Travoltas among us.


Easily bored? Not interested in conversations about who’s elderly relative is due for a hip replacement next month? Armed with a phone and a smart case, you’ll be able to excuse yourself on the premise of ‘a very important business call you’ve been expecting from Zurich’. AKA your cue to leave, grab a beer and play Angry Birds in a quiet corner.


Weddings have masses of Bond-moment potential, and this Gucci shirt has Sean Connery written all over it. What else could you possibly be expected to spill your chocolate fondant down during the dessert course? We jest – obviously, you’ll have armed yourself with a white linen napkin to shove purposefully down the neckline. Take no chances when you’re wearing a shirt as smart as this one, no matter how un-cool it makes you look.

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