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Style Notes: How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Style Notes: How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring is here, and with it the urge to update your wardrobe. Cleaning may not be fun, but remember, the goal when clearing out your wardrobe is straight forward – get rid of the old to make room for the new. Our spring-time wishlists are pretty extensive already, but can our wardrobes handle the extra load? Well, yes, if we clear them out ready for a new haul. Having to root through jammed drawers or wrestle with overladen hangers of clothing you never wear is both stressful and not a good use of your time. A spring clean will not only make you a more efficient dresser, but a better one too – you’re far less likely to make outfit-related mistakes and go out wearing a top that is past its sell-by, if said top has been chucked and replaced with one that you actually like.

Not only that, but sorting through your clothes is a good way to rediscover old favourites, it’ll also make putting outfits together that much more fun. Safe in the knowledge that everything in your wardrobe is something you’ll actually consider wearing, getting dressed becomes a joy. Make room for some new investment Gucci and iconic Dolce and Gabbana by follow our three simple steps to wardrobe coordination. Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind. And more room for new shoes.


You need to go in with a strategy, as the prospect of sorting through months if not years of sartorial detritus can seem overwhelming. Ours is simple but effective, although we have to warn you that in terms of tidiness, it has to get worse before it can get better. Take everything out of your wardrobe and drawers and throw it on the bed (extra points for overspill onto the floor, double points for reaching the hallway.) Then make piles of things you want to keep, things you want to store (heavy coats and ski gear), things to give away, things to bin and, if appropriate, things to sell on ebay for reinvestment purposes. Take the opportunity to be your own fashion editor. Be ruthless – think about when you wore it last, and whether you’ll ever wear it again. If it’s not an important designer and has no sentimental value, get rid.


When it’s time to pack everything away again, take your time to think about the best way to store everything so that it is both easy to navigate and easy to maintain. When hanging items, group like items together, with longer items towards one end of the wardrobe – this will help free up space in the foot of your wardrobe, which is extra storage room. If you’re feeling super organised, group also in terms of colour and even occasion. That means putting formal shirts at one end of the rail, and casual jackets the other. Keep hangers facing in the same direction. If you need to free up more hanging space, consider folding into drawers clothes you might normally hang, jeans and jumpers are good examples of shelf-appropriate attire. When storing clothes that aren’t in season, take care. Freshly laundered clothes will store better, and always include lavender or cedar balls when storing wool and cashmere, including coats. Fear those pesky moths. Storage bags made from natural materials, such as cotton and canvas, are best.


Shoes piling up? Can’t bear to part with your favourite pair of boots, despite the hole that has appeared in the sole? It’s time to get rid, no matter how hard it is to bid farewell. Shoes maketh the man, and woman, and hoarding them isn’t good for the soul (see what we did there?) Make room for the Margiela sneakers you’ve been coveting by separating the wheat from the chaff. If you want to keep your fancy footwear in boxes (which we’d recommend), stack them in the bottom of the wardrobe with labels or even photographs attached to the front so they’re easy to identify. Investing in storage boxes for shoes is a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and effective. For the ones you wear most frequently, a shoe rack is advisable. Be creative.

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