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How To Get Ready: To Party

How To Get Ready: To Party

Preparing for the night ahead is all part of the event. Some do it quick and easy, although in this dawn of a new type of masculinity there is absolutely no harm in taking your time over your preparations. We caught up with Ashton Gohil, a London-based model and one half of production duo “AUDI0comingS00N”, to find out how he winds down and gears up to party.

“I'm pretty chilled out before a party or night out. Depending on the type of party it is, I like to grab some food at one of my favourite places, like Troy Bar or Cook Daily in East London. Caribbean and Asian food is a winner for me – I could eat it every day. I don’t like getting to places too early, so if there's a group of us I try and drag out dinner for as long as possible. I find the night starts better if I’m fashionably late . . .”

“In terms of grooming and my getting ready routine there's not much to it. I shower, throw some clothes on and spray a little cologne, there are three I rotate between (these are top secret, but I’ll let you in on it) Le Labo, Santal; Nasomatto, Duro and D.S. & Durga, Bowmakers. After that I'll step out and try not to over-do it!”

Model: Ashton Gohil, Photography: Ben Parks, Styling: Sophie van der Welle, Hair & Makeup: Hannah Sorcha