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AT FLANNELS:      with Jasper James

AT FLANNELS: with Jasper James

“Glasgow is a post-industrial city with a lot of character, what we have here is special: the music in this city, the clubs, the art, the people, the party atmosphere for me is untouchable.”

DJ and producer Jasper James is inspired by the city that surrounds him. 

He grew up around the nucleus of Glasgow’s house music scene, Subculture. Co-founded by his father DJ Harri, the night has been running for over 20 years, making it one of the longest-running resident club nights in the world.

The SubClub, where Subculture takes place, remains Jasper’s favourite club in the world. “I used to try and picture what the SubClub was like at night because my dad used to take me there during the day to collect his wages,” he remembers. “Eventually when I got to the age of 18 I was allowed to go and discover it for myself, and I fell in love with it.” 

Jasper fondly recalls Saturday’s as a student, in which he would make the trip back to Glasgow from university in Dundee. He’d go digging at Rubadub records before playing a set at Bier Halle on Gordon Street where he’d be paid with pints, pizza and small wage. After that he’d head around the corner to the SubClub to hear what his dad and co-resident Domenic were playing - studying how they worked the same crowd every week.  “I’d do that religiously for six or seven years,” he says of the weekly ritual. “Before I started touring myself as a DJ.”

Mitchell Street - the cobbled back alley in Glasgow city centre after which he’s named his record label - has provided a hub for Jasper and the wider creative scene. A stone’s throw away from spots like Rubadub and the SubClub, Jasper shared a flat there with Jackmaster before being evicted because of their weekly parties. “It was always pretty inspiring,” he recalls, remembering the congregation of DJs, producers and punters that would gather there after a night at Subculture: “It was basically just a party flat!”
Jasper’s personal style is informed by a combination of streetwear and casual brands, with more formal elements he’s adopted party dressing for DJ sets. “Growing up in the 90’s I skated, so there’s definitely an element of that and then more kind of leisurewear and tracksuits during my high school periods and then I guess clubbing a bit more smart,” he says, opting for casual party outfits which he can juxtapose with a standout piece like a waxed jacket by Marni.”

Given his tendency to move around the vibrant nightlife spots and record shops that surround his base on Mitchell Street, it’s unsurprising that Jasper pays particular attention to outerwear. “My favourite piece of clothing would probably be a nice jacket or coat,” he says, wearing a CP Company Pro-Tek Lense Hooded Jacket. “Coming from Glasgow it comes in handy as well because it’s absolutely baltic here.”

Despite travelling the world and holding down a residency at Phonox in London, nothing can drag Jasper James away from his hometown. “Even after travelling Glasgow is still one of those places, in my eyes, that can’t be topped,” he says. “Glasgow is held in high regard for its partying and clubbing culture. It’s one of those cities that wherever you go in the world, you’ll always want to go back to.”

Interview by Grant Brydon 

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