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On Trend: Home Comforts

On Trend: Home Comforts

Usually here at Style News, we'll recommend the best gear to help you make an impact, going from your workplace to the club and even to the streets of European cities. But outside is overrated: it's worth hanging out at home. But if you're going to put together the best fit at home, there's a number of items you need to pull together. Let's work through this together: staying safe, staying in, but staying in the best garms regardless.

Collage of Valentino camo


Now this is a sure-fire essential when you're posted up at home: the trusty sweatshirt or hoodie. Throw it over your pyjamas first thing in the morning and people may believe that you've actually gotten dressed on that day's video call, or chuck one on when you pop out to the shops. Then again, you could make sure that you indulge in some premium designs, like Off-White's artistically-inclined design (in white, so watch out for snack stains), Fendi's subtle take on camo, Burberry's workwear-inspired style  or Palm Angels' velvet-style tracksuit top.


Ah, the trusty sweatpant, jogger, trackpant... a rose has many names. But the thing that separates these from your standard bit of fleeced trousers is in the luxurious details. Over to the side? Those are a Burberry design with an eye-catching Peter Saville print on each side. Below? That's a Gucci pair of trousers with supple lambskin trims. Off-White's green and black style juggles comfort with more tech-sportswear leanings.And then there's Valentino, mixing archival logos with breathable cargo pockets, that are cool, comfortable and casual all at the same time.

Collage of Go logos
Collage of Rockstuds


We all love a good pair of slippers, but you don't always want to organise Excel spreadsheets wearing the gift set slippers you got at Christmas. So that's why you should keep a pair of sliders on deck. Take your pick from the Ikea-inspired madness of Off-White's design above, or the pared-down (yet sneakily mixed-media) crossover option from Prada. It's up to you whether to rock socks with these, but just know that unfashionable dads everywhere feel validated if you do.


Okay, we'll admit that we were moving mad up there: the dads of the nation, we salute you for your sock'n'sandal combos. The best place to go full dadcore (remember that?) is definitely at home, with the help of Gucci and Los Angeles noisemakers 424. If you want to push the envelope and coat your feet in something more out there, opt for Balmain's opulence or Vetements and Reebok's hype-heavy collaboration.

Vetements flame socks
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