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On Trend:      Colour Watch

On Trend: Colour Watch

After a slightly sombre start to 2021, we’re packing our wardrobes with a palette of mood-boosting colours. From vibrant red to retro-inspired green and soothing blues, these are the three colours to invest in this season.

Red collage


So keen are we on the colour red that it’s almost morphed itself into a neutral. Givenchy’s matching loungewear set in bright tomato red can be worn from head to toe, while Prada’s statement cap and Burberry’s bum bag will give a much-needed boost to your more laid-back looks.

Green collage


If ever there was a moment to embrace nature, this is it. From Saint Laurent’s rich palm-print sweater to Casablanca’s vibrant green iteration and Gucci’s retro-inspired matching tracksuit, there’s a green out there to tickle even the most discerning taste buds.

A female model wearing a black FF logo knit cashmere jumper, wide-leg black and white check Dolce and Gabbana trousers, pointed toe Fendi boots and a shiny Fendi handbag
Blue collage


If there’s anything we want to take from January into the rest of the year, it’s a serious case of the blues. From baby blue to navy, there was a wash to suit any wardrobe, but we prefer to keep things light in Prada’s sprayed shirt, Moncler's tie-dye trousers and Versace’s cool, blue cable knit.