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Style Notes:                Milan Street Style

Style Notes: Milan Street Style

The FLANNELS paparazzi returns! This time we're sharing our experiences in beautiful Milan, snapping the beautiful people in between fresh helpings of pasta, cannoli and red wine---okay, look, we can't lie any longer. We weren't actually there, we were wrapped up indoors waiting for Storm Derek or whatever it's called to bloody calm down already. Over in Milan, however, there was a whole lot going on in the streets outside the Fashion Week presentations. Let's have a peek at what style notes we can take from our friends on the continent.

Photograph of Emili Sindlev wearing purple high waist shorts


Here's a daring idea: shorts! Yes, we know it's still February. And yes, many of the beyond-dapper looking women in Milan somehow were going out with their gams showing. That's one part confidence and one part keeping your top half warm. So we'd advise cutting things short, even before summer kicks in. 


You may think it's retrograde for us to be recommending the most stereotypical feminine hue of all. But having swiped through post upon post of street style photos, we can't ignore what the ladies in Milan are telling us: it's time to think pink. Be careful that you don't overdo it and look like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls. Unless you opt for the Kenzo jumpsuit below, which makes you feel like you're giving workwear a 1990s girl power remix. 

Photograph of Yoyo Cao wearing a pink jacket
Photograph of Sira Pevida with beige oversized Bottega Veneta bag


Recently in the New York Time Style Magazine (yes, we're deep thinkers too), Meara Sharma wrote that the 2020 runway shows so far are showing off "declarative, visionary shapes that jettison old ideas about symmetry and balance". That sounds great, but it's being made more wearable on the Milanese streets with an influx of puffed-out shoulders, wider-than-wide legs and OTT accessories. Time to turn up the volume.


...That's my style home. Off-topic but FLANNELS readers: we need more songs made about hats. 'Wherever I Lay My Hat, That's My Home' - that song's ancient. If you're reading this and are a musician, go and write a hit song about hats for all the headline writers out there like us. Anyway, yes, lots of people wore cool hats at Fashion Week. It's Fashion Week, babes — Hat Central.

 Photograph of a female model wearing a red hat