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Style Advisor:         Moschino In Monochrome

Style Advisor: Moschino In Monochrome

Eccentric. Audacious. Whimsical. Moschino has always been a label that jostles the fashion elite, from claiming "fashion does not exist anymore" in the 1990s to putting baseball caps five times their average size on models' heads. But this history doesn't mean that those who like their style pared-down can't turn to the Italian brand. So this week, FLANNELS wanted to highlight the everyday essentials, crafted without ever losing the magnificent Moschino craftsmanship.

Moschino U logo tape hoodie


We're going to kick off this list of upper-echelon basics with this pared-down stretch-cotton hoodie. It's ideal for your everyday use as something to throw on after leaving the gym, or on your way out the door to jump on a bus. And every time, you'll have a carefully crafted stripe showcasing the Moschino logo — not too showy, but not too understated either. Life is all about balance.

Moschino logo plaque shirt


The white shirt. So pure, so simple, so... dull. Yeah, it can be particularly hard having to look like a grown-up when it's necessary, but Moschino have you covered. Think about lightweight cotton poplin. Think about an intriguing gold plaque at the chest, stating that the item in "Made in Heaven". Think about the reaction it'll get in the office: traditionally OTT in the label's signature way, but smoother. You love to see it.

Moschino Teddy run sneakers


You want a custom sole, you want to be comfortable and you want to bring the trends to your wardrobe, but you don't want to go too out there with the colour schemes. Try on these Moschino Teddy Run trainers, which stick to a black and white colour scheme, meaning that they can match anything in your (newly trendy) wardrobe. Sorted.

Moschino scream short sleeved shirt


We'd love to highlight another crisp shirt, especially when it's one with a subtly trippy logo that shifts the more you look at it, almost like it's hypnotising you, making you want to buy fifteen of the shirts... Sorry, we got lost in that logo right there. Crafted from stunning, airy black cotton, it takes the classic Oxford silhouette and chops down the sleeves for a more leisurely look. There's more to get drawn in by aside from that brain-swirl signature...

Moschino print sliders


And finally, we understand it's still winter, and you're getting tetchy about the holiday you're trying to save for. You'll get there, and you will be chilling by a pool/beach/bar/combination of all three. In the warmer climate, you may want to pull out the more print-heavy look; perhaps you'll continue to test your sweatiness by sticking to monochrome ensembles. Whatever you choose, you can slip on this pair of Moschino slides, as pared-down as the label's footwear gets. Okay! Now back to dreaming about that holiday.