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The Gift Guide: More Than A Mother

The Gift Guide: More Than A Mother

Mother's Day is coming up, and we at FLANNELS would love to take the opportunity in thanking all mums everywhere. Here's the thing though: not every mum is our birth mother, and some of the women we consider mothers aren't even related to us. There are so many motherly figures in our lives that we wanted to pay tribute to, so we thought we'd give it a go with this week's Style News post.

Vivienne Westwood Mayfair Bas Relief earrings

The Mum That Demands Attention

There's that close family friend that always caught everybody's eye with her ultra-glam approach to life. We're talking the lady that showed up to your birthday party in huge heels. Like, we're just hanging out at home with other kids. But she has to be the centre of attention, and we can't deny her that — hence, these earrings.

Earrings by Vivienne Westwood Jewellery
Tom Ford mini crossbody bag

The 'It' Mum

She's always supported you, and never given herself much of a treat - she still has the same TV that you sat down in front of when being babysat a decade-plus ago. If she decided to treat herself finally, she'd get herself the type of bag with an outsized level of confidence. Put this Gucci bag on her and see her glow up.

Bag by Gucci
Burberry giant check scarf

The Mum That Kept You In Check

She always made sure you had your homework done, were speaking politely and would give you the business if you were caught giving your mum any lip. So after all that strong-willed love, maybe treat her to a lovely scarf, explaining that it's for the woman who helped keep you in check - get it? Oh, she may ask you if you're making fun of her with this play on words. Tread carefully.

Scarf by Burberry
Black and gold Moschino belt

The Mum That Still Loves A Party

She came up in the clubs, and even now that her Friday nights have become more merlot than Ministry, she still loves a dance. Remind her of the good ol' days with this gold belt's history as a garage rave must-wear. Tell her thanks for all those classic funky house CDs, and maybe have a little bubble with her.

Belt by Moschino
Prada Wheel trainers

The Mum Fluent In Textspeak

She was the first mother figure you knew that knew 'lol' did not mean 'lots of love'. She knows how to stay up on what you crazy kids are all about — she may even have a TikTok account. She loves gifs. When she puts on these trainers, she's going to say thank you, and she's going to send you all the gifs.

Trainers by Prada