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Leomie And Friends: Meet Ms Banks

Leomie And Friends: Meet Ms Banks

To mark International Women’s Day and celebrate the drop of Leomie Anderson’s exclusive LAPP capsule for FLANNELS, the model-turned-designer sat down with her squad in a series of no-holds-barred interviews.

Bringing the LAPP ethos of inclusivity, diversity and feminism to life, the series delves deep. From activist Munroe Bergdorf on looking after her mental health to supermodel - and former face of FLANNELS - Jourdan Dunn on motherhood and the challenges of lockdown, the conversation centres around inspiring women, the challenges we all have to face and, of course, the brilliance of Leomie’s label LAPP, which endeavours to make sportswear more inclusive.

But first in the series is rapper, artist and all-round ‘bad b’, the eponymous Ms Banks.

Known for her sassy lyrics and unwavering authenticity, Ms Banks has become something of an Instagram sensation. Working hard to pave the way for the next generation of Black girls, she’s frank in her discussions around the pressures she feels and the challenges she’d had to overcome.

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On being a female rapper….

Being a female rapper, there is a stigma that you have to have a banging body and have the biggest bum and the biggest breasts and flat stomach and dress in a certain way.


On social media…

I would rather be trolled for who I really am and for people to love me for who I really am than to hate me for what I’m not.


On being a Black woman in the music industry…

A lot of the time, not really too upfront to my face, but people have made me feel like obviously it’s going to be harder being a Black girl. You may not have that “international appeal”, you might not get that commercial success straight away, but honestly I hope that I set pace for my younger Black girls and seeing me from South London, [they] know that ‘boom, Ms Banks can do it’.


On her music…

I feel like empowerment is really important for me. When I was growing up, I used to listen to a lot of Nicki [Minaj] and there were times when I was like 16/17 that I felt like I didn’t want to get out of bed… but when I listened to her I had the strength. I felt like the baddest b and I was ready to step out and slay anything in my way. And that’s how I want girls to feel when they listen to me. I want them to feel empowered, like ‘yeah I can do this, I can go for what I want, I’m a snack, I’m a bad b’.

Ms Banks wears LAPP blue leggings and top
Ms Banks wears LAPP blue leggings and top

On her style…

It just goes with my mood really… some days I’m vibrant, some days I’m sleek, chic, dark.



I love the material – very nice and luxurious and stretchy and holds you in all the right places.


On the women that have inspired her…

My mum’s a very strong woman and she’s always had my back. She’s the number one diva in my life, so big up mummy. I feel like there’s other women I’ve looked up to, like Maya Angelou, Malorie Blackman, Sister Souljah – she wrote the book The Coldest Winter Ever, that’s what inspired my mixtape as well.


On her advice for young Black girls…

Believe in yourself. Have confidence. Don’t follow the crowd. Do what’s in your heart because more times that’s what’s right for you. And don’t be afraid to seek advice when you’re not sure.


Jourdan Dunn wears hot pink De La Vali dress

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Leomie and Friends on Wednesday 10th March with activist and model Munroe Bergdorf.