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On Trend:     The New Season Shoe Edit

On Trend: The New Season Shoe Edit

At FLANNELS, we know how hard it is to break out of hibernation mode at the start of every year– trust us, if our laziness took over, we’d be writing about the five best duvet options for the year ahead. But it’s worth remembering that a new year brings new possibilities, and it’s due time to start thinking about how to put our best foot forward. (Literally.) So this week, we’re going to focus on footwear essentials – some bold, some toned-down, all terrific - to match your upwards trajectory for 2020. Up and at ‘em!

Photograph of Dolce and Gabbana pearl embellished sandals


If you can rely on Dolce & Gabbana for anything, it’s that they will embrace a more-is-more aesthetic. It might be a little grim outside that window right now, but these fairytale sandals and their whimsical pearl embellishments will surely shine through the dark.


Take it from us: the laid-back loafer is set to be the go-to silhouette this summer, with multiple designers delivering offshoots of the footwear favourite. Get ahead of the pack with this block heeled take from Valentino, which turns the Italian brand’s logo into a striking gold-tone accent on the vamp.

Photograph of Valentino loafers
Photograph of Jimmy Choo Miami trainers


Okay, see that trusty pair of trainers sat by your door? The ones you throw on in a hurry, despite their creased toe, dirty laces and cracked sole? They’re great, but wouldn’t it be great to have every day that can dazzle? Try a pair that tick this box, like this glitter-bombed design by Jimmy Choo. They have all the easy-to-wear appeal of your favourite sneakers - but with one heck of a decadent finish.


These Grenson boots’ lightweight-yet-chunky sole give a more rugged take on the platform trend, allowing you to tower over these streets - or fields, if you plan on testing out these shoes’ hiking bonafides. Strap into these and let’s stomp our way to success!

 Photograph of Grenson boots

Photography: Matthew Brann