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On Trend:           The New Shoes To Own Now

On Trend: The New Shoes To Own Now

Some advice lasts forever: don't run with scissors, don't spoil your dinner, other things you get told as a naughty child. (Just us? Oh, okay.) Here's one more: "You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both." The shoemaker John Wildsmith said that, and even though his choice of career made him a little biased, it remains a pretty sharp knowledge dart. This week, FLANNELS wants to acknowledge the shoe trends that are smart investments, as well as highlighting products that update timeless silhouettes. Ol' uncle Wildsmith may have even cobbled up a couple of shoes shaped like the following in his time, but he didn't do them quite like these...

Photograph of Grenson Rocco boots


No matter your ranking, military-inspired designs are endlessly accessible: think of cargo pants, maybe the comfiest and roomiest of all the trousers. We'd say the same of Grenson's Rocco boots, which have a chunky-yet-lightweight sole that the Northamptonshire house have called “the Commando”. That should make you feel all rugged, even if you just wear these while scrolling through Instagram’s Discovery tab, feet hanging on the edge of the coffee table. At ease, soldier.


As per its original purpose, camouflage was intended to keep you hidden. Now, as a style staple, that's the last thing you want it to do. Perhaps you can implement some of that onto your feet – especially when it’s Valentino’s off-kilter but vibrant take on the print. Not so good for hide’n’seek, but a killer in pretty much every other walk of life.

Photograph of Valentino camo trainers
Photograph of Fendi loafers


'The penny loafer’, FLANNELS hears you holler, ‘just how do you wear it?’ Well, it’s no longer just the chosen shoe for Ivy League college students and people on mega-yachts off the shore of Monaco. This pair from Fendi are a fine choice for transforming your wardrobe in one fell swoop thanks to their flexibility (smart enough for the office, chilled out enough for the weekend) with a subtle Double F logo bringing an Instagrammable touch.


Fun fact: a difference between derby shoes and oxfords is in their longer curved vamp, which allows rainfall to roll off the shoe and keep your feet dry. Cool, right? Now you’ve got a ready-made excuse when people ask why you’ve worn these Dolce and Gabbana derbies with every single outfit choice for the past month and a half. (Apart from them being able to go with everything, of course).

 Photograph of Dolce & Gabbana derby shoes

Photography: Matthew Brann