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On Trend: Getting Technical

On Trend: Getting Technical

Performance materials, utilitarian design and techy details are all hallmarks of the technical trend. Feed your appetite for directional style with pieces by Givenchy, Off-White, and Lanvin.

Model wears: Coat Moncler
Model wearing Lanvin Someday Short Sleeve T Shirt, under a Lanvin Zip Waistcoat, with Valentino Logo Trousers and a Givenchy Logo Bum Bag


Givenchy has emerged as one of the forerunners of the luxe technical trend, taking its cues from outdoor staples, streetwear and workwear. Style up their nylon bum bag with zip-finished tailoring and printed Tees by Lanvin.


These days, you’re as likely to see a pair of trainers on the runway as you are a loafer or Derby. Fashion has fallen hard for sportswear, and Givenchy’s running-inspired shoes with mesh inserts and functional sole have all the hallmarks of a serious training shoe combined with a high-fashion finish. Not actually for sports.

Model wearing Givenchy TR3 Mesh Runner Trainers
Model wearing Givenchy Tape Logo Lanyard with Trousers and Long Sleeved Off-White T Shirt


Military and hiking-inspired accessories by Moncler and Givenchy give performance-wear design a luxury twist. From lanyards to walking boots with climbing-rope laces, the technical trend finesses hard-wearing features for a directional modern wardrobe.


During the ‘00s, in a world before smart phones and Virgil Abloh, the words ‘status’ and ‘anorak’ would have been mutually exclusive. A staple of the ‘90s rave scene, now windcheaters, waterproofs and cagouls are back – the bread and butter of a stylish man’s wardrobe. Practical and slick.

Model wearing Off-White Windbreaker Oversized Hooded Jacket