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Style Advisor: How To Dress Like A Modern Parisian

Style Advisor: How To Dress Like A Modern Parisian

Cool French girl style has a certain je ne sais quoi that can make any attempts to imitate it seem futile. These days, however, a new breed of Parisian chic is emerging – one with which the women of Britain will be much more au fait. Paris’ new tribe of cool girls are experimenting with colour, silhouette and designer like never before, putting a more eclectic, streetwear-influenced spin on their tried-and-tested style formula whilst staying true to the core pillars of French fashion: understatement, sophistication and fit. Here are three ways to dress like a modern Parisian with a little help from Valentino, Off-White and Saint Laurent.

Photograph of a woman in Paris wearing a checked blazer with velvet pockets and a black patent leather Saint Laurent bag with the YSL logo


French women understand the power of classic wardrobe pieces, but will increasingly mix things up with textures, patterned materials and glamorous accessories. Take this style maven’s classic blazer in a subtle coloured check and patent leather YSL bag. C’est chic.


Forget what you think you know about Parisians always wearing black. It’s a common misconception, comparable to the ill-advised saying ‘blue and green should never be seen unless there’s something in between’. The French women we know wear colour – blue and green, pink and red, yellow and orange are all acceptable combinations on the Rive Gauche these days. Keep things chic by pairing your zany colour combos with neutral pieces, like a camel coat.

Photograph of a woman in Paris wearing a pleated pink and red skirt and matching top with a camel coat
A woman in Paris wearing a longline checked trench coat, black flared trousers and white shoes


But always modern. French minimalism no longer means head-to-toe black, slim fit and a turtleneck. Paris is now the fashion week home of Off-White, after all. Embrace contemporary, sporty accents through zip-through jackets and clean white sneakers, or play with pattern and texture like this stylish PFWM attendee in her checked longline coat.