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On Trend: How To Wear Camo

On Trend: How To Wear Camo

By-and-large, camouflage has been present in our wardrobes since the ‘80s. And some of you weren’t even born then. This isn’t a trend revolution, but one to take note of, particularly when you have iconic fashion houses like Valentino and Givenchy sending luxe versions of it down the runway. A trick stolen from mother nature and adapted for military use, it’s long and varied martial history has ensured its popularity amongst stylish men (and women.) That being said, camo can spell dangerous territory for the unwary. Over-do it and you risk Action Man comparisons. A little goes a long way, and you’ll find a casual nod to the trend in the form of accessories (sneakers and caps) or a Tee more than enough. Leave it to the more directional among us to pull off the all-over look. Here’s how to wear the trend.


We’ve moved beyond the standard khaki camouflage colourways. SS18 is a new dawn for the print, with Valentino leading the way of its reinvention. Be bold and experiment with colours and textures by teaming a camo messenger bag in a vibrant yellow hue (one of the season’s top shades) with indigo denim and a yellow Tee.


The irony of camouflage is that, for something designed to make you invisible, it can really make you stand out. If you’re feeling cautious about wearing print, avoid screams of “Rambo” as you walk down the street with a small camo-printed gesture. A cap is the perfect entry-point to the trend, and you can always take it off if you’re feeling conspicuous.


Bacon and eggs, rum and coke, Kim and Kanye, chips and curry sauce. All great combinations, although not ones you can wear. Cue denim and camo – a sartorial match made in heaven. Team a pair of washed-out jeans with Valentino’s iconic Rockrunners and Versace’s reversible camouflage bomber, so you can camo or you cannot. Trust us, it’s like getting a second chance at life.