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On Trend: Logomania

On Trend: Logomania

Fashion’s love of logos is reaching fever pitch, and with designers finding ever more inventive ways to show off their branding at its best, we just couldn’t resist a logo low-down to finish off the season. We can’t get enough of Gucci’s re-appropriated ‘fake’ logo pieces or Fendi’s classic double F ‘Zucca’ print. Whether worn as a status symbol, in homage to ‘90s style or as an ironic gesture, here’s how to wear the logo trend like a pro.

A man on the street wearing a black Fendi logo rollneck and Fendi leather belt bag


When is lots of logo too much logo? Never, if the logo in question is Fendi’s iconic double F. A classic roll neck worn with a trendy belt bag in muted shades of brown, white, black and beige give these modern pieces an elegant heritage feel.


Off-White’s Virgil Abloh is the king of logo irony. The diagonal stripes and signature “quotation marks” are a satirical comment on our notions of branding and purpose, whilst Gucci’s ‘fake’ logo is a re-appropriation of the bootlegs created by counterfeiters. Wear together for peak meta dressing.

Photograph of a man on the street wearing a black hoodie and a white Off-White T-shirt with diagonal stripe logo
A man wearing a white Valentino VLTN print shirt


So cool, so minimal. If colourful logos and meta-fashion are a bit too in your face, style the logo trend out with a monochrome colour palette and subtle nods to high-end designers. Valentino’s VLTN collection of polos and jackets is understated and sleek with staple wardrobe pieces and sophisticated typography.

Images: Blaublut