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On Trend:              This Street Style Won London Fashion Week Men's

On Trend: This Street Style Won London Fashion Week Men's

The year has just kicked off but we’re already glancing into the future via the recent London Fashion Week Men’s shows. Every year, many of the country’s best dressed gentlemen descend on the Big Smoke to take in presentations from menswear’s brightest and most exciting designers. And as per tradition, that meant that the pavement outside east London’s Old Truman Brewery became as hot a runway as anything indoors. Our personal FLANNELS paparazzi snapped some extraordinary fits that we simply had to showcase, as they may just be the keys to your immediate style future. Trust us on this one. Here’s some of our favourite themes we picked up on.

London Fashion Week Men’s showgoer wearing denim outfit with white T-shirt


Granted, this may not be the most boundary-pushing style we saw on the streets surrounding LFWM, but great denim looks simply do not go out of style. Crisp, high-quality pairs work perfectly with a denim shirt or jacket, getting a rugged-yet-clean man’s man style that’s best accentuated with neutral-toned accessories.



Last year, we glimpsed a few people in what we then called ‘The New Tailoring’. Judging from the crowds outside the Old Truman Brewery, tailored favourites just don’t look right anymore without a pair of trainers. Matching a pair of suit trousers with some relaxed athletic shoes presents a real melting down of formal and informal codes into something new and exciting — test it out at your next office bash, if not that summer wedding in your calendar.

London Fashion Week Men’s showgoer wearing striped coat and sunglasses


Yes, we’re aware of how hard it is to wear shades right now, especially when it gets dark at 3pm and your Vitamin D deficiency feels truly crippling. But if street style teaches us anything, it’s that sunglasses only ever accentuate a winter outfit, making you look like nothing less than the coolest gent in the immediate postcode. Bonus points if you go for some angular eyewear to highlight how unaffected you are by the chill.

 London Fashion Week Men’s showgoers wearing leather trousers and leather coat


The leather look was out in droves in London, which makes it due time to flex your wares in the toughest of textures. Whether you select the real thing or faux fabric, the more varnished and biker-ready your trousers or jacket are, the better. 

London Fashion Week Men’s showgoers wearing beanie and oversize multicoloured coat


The overcast skies of London didn’t stop LFWM attendees from showing their true colours — by which we mean every colour available. Some truly vibrant choices of outerwear jumped out against the wintery monochrome, from this photograph’s psychedelic dip-dye to bold and brash stripes. Take our advice: when you layer up, dress to paint the town red. And yellow. And green. And blue. (You get the idea.)

Photography: Matthew Brann