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On Trend: New Decade, New Style

On Trend: New Decade, New Style

The leftovers from the 25th are long gone, the Christmas tree is begging to be packed back in its box and your calendar doesn’t have any more pages in it. Let’s face it: we can’t pretend it’s the 2010s anymore. A good way to remain sane with this information is to plan ahead, and that means staying abreast of the young decade’s coolest style traits. With the help of this handy guide, people will look at you and think you’re from the future—but you really know what’s up, you’re just living in the Twenties now.

Photograph of a pair of Jimmy Choo Diamond Trial trainers


Everyone always says to put your best foot forward, and we couldn’t agree more – that’s why trainers exist. Follow this advice and invest in a pair to take on anything this brand new era throws at you, like these Jimmy Choo shoes, which wrap around the foot like climbing gear, rest on space-age chunky soles and still offer up 007-level sophistication.


Last year, the belt bag was everywhere you turned – heck, us at Flannels were not immune to its charms, showing you which ones to invest in and how to wear one like a grown up. But that was the 2010s, man. Now, it’s all about being as bold as possible with your trusty accessories: we’re talking zebra prints. Geometric colours. UFOs. This is the world we live in now.

Photograph of a Tom Ford zebra print belt bag
Photograph of a Versace baroque print belt


Something old, something new – but Versace belts are never anything less than fresh to us. Look straight ahead like the Milanese Medusa into a year of prosperity, backed up by colourful details that light up the winter temperature and should fit right into the first summer of the decade. If you’re going to keep your trousers up, might as well do it big.


Whether you call it a Cuban, spread or a camp collar, lord knows this shirt sets you up for an ultra-louche few years. This selection brings a natural appeal to a silhouette once reserved for dads, ranging from Prada’s hippie-style tie-dye to Gucci’s fun bursts of florals. It’s going to be a wild world out there in the 2020s — best to match the mood and dress appropriately.

Photograph of a Prada tie-dye short sleeve shirt