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On Trend:          Awards Worthy Accessories

On Trend: Awards Worthy Accessories

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have noticed that the BAFTAs and Grammy have come and gone, the Oscars are on Sunday, and the Brits hit London on the 18th. Awards season is in full swing, and that means a lot of stars both old and new appear in style, hopefully inspiring you to get your look ready for the cameras. So our esteemed FLANNELS jury have decided to highlight the following accessories, carefully selected from a long list of gifted performers like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Valentino. Without further ado, the winners are...

Gucci GG iPhone X/XS case


This award goes to a label that has always given us striking visuals, from Gwyneth Paltrow's velvet red tuxedo in 1996 to Jared Leto wearing a bejewelled gown and carrying his head at the Met Ball. (Google it.) The interlocking Gs are better suited to everyday use than those examples, but they remain a dramatic, showstopping display. Give it up for Gucci!

Phone case by Gucci
Saint Laurent logo belt bag


Sloped over your shoulder, around your waist, everywhere you want - this Saint Laurent belt bag covers it all and has you covered forever. It's been a long, prosperous career for Saint Laurent, involving a name change along the way. Still, this sophisticated rock'n'roller deserves credit for continuing to steal scenes — check out that Italian leather strap and metal logo plaque.

Belt bag by Saint Laurent
Burberry giant Icon check scarf


Gucci returns to the stage! Originating from Florence, the megabrand leads the pack in at least two statistical categories, with this watch being undeniable proof how and why they can. Not only does it showcase the classic GG logo in a new way, but it also redefines how we read the time thanks to its scale-style screens. This Swiss-made design is different to any watch you’ll put on your wrist, and that kind of ingenuity makes it that’s worth an award. Bravo!

Watch by Gucci
Valentino urban derby shoes


The Rockstud. A Valentino signature, it’s brought us all so much joy over the years, peppering everything from trainers to wallets, polo shirts to knitted jumpers. Now, the spiky detail is giving the classic derby shoe a punk detail while remaining entirely luxurious. Cue the (well-deserved) standing ovation.

Shoes by Valentino
Tom Ford TF logo cardholder


Mr Tom Ford has written and directed two highly-renowned films, A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals; was nominated for BAFTAs and Golden Globes; won awards at the Venice Film Festival and so forth. All these accolades from the movie world and he's still out here making timeless accessories like this sleek cardholder. Now that's a real double threat. 

Cardholder by Tom Ford