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On Trend:          Get Red Carpet Ready

On Trend: Get Red Carpet Ready

The Oscars are on Sunday! Yes, this Sunday. It's come around quicker than usual, meaning that we've barely caught up with every film released over the past month, let alone thought about what we would wear to a red carpet. However, FLANNELS have you covered with the following accessories - these will make a red carpet-worthy statement, without needing a squad of couturiers to fit you in a gown with ruffle upon ruffle of tulle weighing you down. Consider this the more relaxed side of luxury.

Gucci Morsetto bucket bag


Award shows are beginning to segue out their famous swag bags, meaning that the nominees may no longer walk out with a coffee machine, a bottle of Bottinger and an award for Best Documentary Short. But at least, an investment bag can cushion the blow, like the Gucci Morsetto bag and its mix of soft and grained leather.

Bag by Gucci
Gucci Zumi ankle boots


The shoes that FLANNELS have seen on the red carpet are usually heeled, with a couture sensibility. Not to say that these Gucci Zumi booties don't have a dramatic appeal — look at that golden horsebit! — but with their comfortable stretch, they sure are shoes that you can walk in. (Which is more than we can say for the statuesque stilettos we've seen lately.)

Ankle boots by Gucci
Burberry giant Icon check scarf


Crystals find their way onto red carpets all the time, usually on incredibly rare jewellery and gowns, but perhaps it's worth utilising the embellishments for your shoes. Beloved by the glitterati (appropriately enough), Giuseppe Zanotti's designs ensure that any outfit has more than a touch of Hollywood glamour.

Sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti
Gold Valentino earrings


These Valentino earrings should complete any look with their solid gold take on the brand's iconic 1980s logo. So, you'll be wearing something gold with a deep creative history behind it, prized by many talented people. Do you see where we're going with this? That's right, reader, wearing these is just like having an Oscar. Plus, there's two of them so you can consider yourself a two-time winner.

Earrings by Valentino