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On Trend:     Paris and Milan's Standout Street Style

On Trend: Paris and Milan's Standout Street Style

The FLANNELS paparazzi, fresh off capturing London's most fashionable folk, have moved on up the English Channel to take in the men's fashion weeks in Paris and Milan. It's been a high-octane experience, but between diving in and out of shows by brands ranging from Barbour to Rhude, we've noticed some terrifically dressed gentlemen. And just as we discovered in the Big Smoke, what you see on the streets is like looking into the future. Here's some trends to take notice of — and the FLANNELS items that can bravely help to nudge you in that direction.

Photograph of male models wearing shades of brown in Paris


You ever heard of Lidewij Edelkoort? (We'll give you a second to Google her.  Okay, welcome back.) So now you know all about her trend-seeing bonafides, you know to believe her when she says that brown is the it colour for the future. It's a flexible colour with many different shades, can simultaneously be showcased as retro and futuristic, and as you can see from our street photography, is associated with strong and warm clothing. (More on that in a moment.)


All over the streets of Paris and Milan, FLANNELS noticed outfits that didn't just mix and match, but merged garments into an exciting new whole. Many looks had a handcrafted feel, showcasing the work that went into combining design universes and giving a raw finish to pieces, giving them a dramatic energy.

Photograph of a male model wearing a hybrid, handmade coat in Milan
Photograph of a male showgoer with an acid dipped pair of white trousers


Speaking of clothes that feel distinctly handmade: swirling, splattered colours are continuing to rule over men's fashions, with dip-dye schemes turning into more psyched-out tones. Look out for lighter colours finding their way into this wavy trend, gradient by gradient.


Granted, the men's fashion week calendar kicks off during a pretty chilly time of the year, so we've been seeing a whole lot of hyper-warm, ultra-cosy gear on the streets of Europe's most happening cities. But a relaxed, layered wardrobe isn’t just smart: it's a genuine movement, with showgoers crafting outfits that shows it's possible to dress adventurously and comfortably at the same time.

 Photograph of a male showgoer wearing a warm coat and layers

Photography: Matthew Brann