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Guide To Scandi Cool: With Pernille Taisbaek

Guide To Scandi Cool: With Pernille Taisbaek

Pernille Taisbaek is something of an Instagram legend. One of the OG influencers, she’s amassed a legion of die-hard fans and a cool 1 million followers. A stylist, creative director and seriously talented shoe-maker, she was instrumental in putting Scandi style on the map.

Loved for her easy, effortless approach to fashion, she’s landed in the pages of Vogue, Bazaar and – in what seems a former life - incessantly snapped on the FROW. No wonder then, that over the past few seasons she’s brought her fashion credentials to the design table with her a series of collabs with Italian label Gia Couture.

To celebrate her third drop – a selection of sleek, minimal heels with Taisbaek’s signature edge; chunky, gum boy boots that have taken over our social feeds this winter; and the ugly platform sandals we’ve been searching for – Taisbaek shares her styling tips, favourite piece from the collection and what empowers her.

What’s the best thing about living in Copenhagen?

To me, it’s just being surrounded with the people I love that makes it for me. The past decade I have travelled so much for work, so coming back to Copenhagen has been an amazing feeling. Besides, Copenhagen has everything – amazing culture, restaurants, shopping, a great countryside close to the city where I l really love going to recharge.

Describe your perfect weekend.

The perfect weekend is when our house is full of unexpected guests and we find time to so the things we don’t do in the week. Before COVID-19, we always spent a lot of time with friends on the weekend but during COVID-19 it’s been a lot about creating a space at home where we just enjoy hanging out.

What’s your ultimate styling tip?

Define your own style and stick to it. I’m not into trends; I encourage everyone to invest in long-lasting items. .

How would you describe your style?

It’s a mix of something comfortable and often masculine, together with something more elevated to create the perfect combination. No doubt, I also very much look forward to dressing up…

What are you most looking forward to wearing that you haven’t this past year?

I’m excited to wear high heels again when everything opens up after COVID-19.

Do you have a style icon?

I don’t have a specific style icon but I get inspired by so many talented, inspirational women out there.

What are the key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A pair of Pernille Teisbæk x Gia shoes. I think we just nailed it with a lot of the styles I created - I really believe we have made long-lasting styles, which is so important to me. My favourite piece in the collection is the PERNI11. They’re just so comfortable and chic. I feel so relaxed in them, and I just know I will wear them with all my outfits all summer.

How are you styling them?

With everything from suits going out to summer dresses on the beach.

What makes a great pair of shoes?

The combination of chicness and comfort. And a great pair of shoes can be styled up with many looks.

What’s the most important part of any outfit?

The accessories. Shoes, of course, are one of my key accessories. And the bags. But also belts, jewellery pieces - it all makes the “look”. So you can basically wear whatever you feel like, but the moment you add your favourite accessories or shoes, you can make it a signature look.

How would you describe Scandi style?

To me, it’s very minimalistic and effortless, and in many months of the year, it’s all about layering.


Scandi style is all about the high-low dressing. How can we make ‘dressing up’ pieces work for the everyday?

You just combine it with something more laidback, like tracksuits, jeans, yoga tights and comfy knits: then it changes the whole everyday look.

What empowers you most?

To be surrounded by four amazing boys at home (including my husband) and to be a part of a female-empowered business like Gia Couture.