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On Trend: Paris Street Style

On Trend: Paris Street Style

You know what you're here for: cool women wearing cool things in cool weather! This week, we're looking at the beautiful people in Paris, and what they wore in between Fashion Week shows and, I dunno, eating bread? We're not trying to move mad btw: there is a lot of bread in Paris. One time, we went into this one bakery and its name literally translated as "Bread Bread" — what we're saying is that they really are ride or die about their bread. Also, they're really into fashion. (10/10 TRANSITION.) Cue some attractive people showing us how to dress good:

Photograph of female Fashion Week guest in Paris


Flouncy, bouncy, traditionally femme, baroque: whatever way you describe it, the romantic way of dressing was inescapable in Paris. Unless you're strutting into a Dior show, the trend is more functional than you'd think, more on the prêt à porter side than haute couture. (Look at us, using French so skillfully. We didn't Google those terms, no siree.)


Remember power suiting? That was a moment. But it's evolved. Across the androisements (thank you, Google) of Paris, women were favouring the sharp, dramatic double-breasted blazer, but dressing it down in a way we can only describe as very French. Let's give it a shot.

Photograph of PFW showgoer wearing a double breasted jacket in Paris
Photograph of PFW showgoer with a fringed dress in Paris


We are going to talk about the fringe trend on the streets of Paris without making puns about hair. (It's tough.) The detail was out and about (literally), dangling from fantastic outfits everywhere you turn in Paris. They add a freeing finish to ornate styles like the one Charlotte Groeneveld wears above, showing it's possible to wear fringe without looking like a raggedy cowboy. By the way, you know Groeneveld's website is called The Fashion Guitar? How many instruments do you think she went through before deciding on that one? We'd have gone with The Fashion Tuba, personally.


Last week in Milan, we took note of how design proportions were getting bigger, and that trend has come for your trendy clutches. Perhaps the clutches below aren't as gigantic as the ones seen in Paris, but if you buy two of them and stick them together to make a big one, you're on top of the trend. Practical!

Photograph of a Paris Fashion Week showgoer carrying a large clutch