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Style Advisor: Dressing For The Field

Style Advisor: Dressing For The Field

It’s a game of skill and horsepower. It’s also a great opportunity to look sharp and take your spectator sportsmanship to the next level. We’re talking champagne, lunches, Pimms and going mental when your team is doing well. Although Polo doesn’t require the same degree of formality as other equine sports, it still calls for some ceremony. The dress code means blazers, chinos and a lounge suit should you plan on entering any areas where royals are present. Whatever you decide to wear just please don’t call it a pitch. This isn’t football.


Feeling slightly rouge-ish? Wear a polo (pardon the pun) with a blazer. A perfectly respectable combination that taps into the smart-casual dress code with aplomb. Finish with a pocket square – the ultimate sporting style hack.


Nobody likes to be out-horsed by someone in a collar and tie. After all, this is a royal affair. Dress for the occasion and eschew your standard chinos-and-shirt combination for a dapper lounge suit. A double Windsor knot in your tie is essential.


The number one style rule when it comes to polo – don’t dress like a player unless you’re actually playing. As sartorial faux-pas go, this one is almost unforgivable. Instead, dress to win in a smart trouser, shirt and belt combination. Finish with double monk strap shoes or brogues. Good sport.