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Style Advisor: Dressing For The Polo

Style Advisor: Dressing For The Polo

Rural pursuits meet elegant refinement at the polo – the only sport that involves men on horses with sticks and balls. One of the season’s highlights (both sporting and sartorial), it’s a thrilling game that provides the perfect opportunity to quaff champagne in all your finery. The dress code is strictly chic, though slightly more casual than its other equine sporting relations, with summer dresses and tailored trousers both making perfectly acceptable attire. No hats necessary. Here are three ways to dress for a day of treading divots and sipping Pimms field side.


High jinx indeed! Sinking into the grass in a pair of heels might prove embarrassing (not to mention what it would do to your Rockstuds). Fulfil your treading duties to the best of your ability and opt for tailored trousers and low-heeled mules by Jimmy Choo.


Small talk at the polo tends to revolve around two things: horses and the weather. In the event of the latter turning (in typical British fashion), come prepared with a sleek, chic jacket to cover up your pretty summer florals. Glittering heels optional.


Epitomise effortless, feminine style in Dolce & Gabbana’s statement floral print dress. We’re not horsing around when we say that it’s slated to be one of the dresses of the season. Team with sleek and directional pumps and an iconic YSL Kate shoulder bag.