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Style Advisor: Festive Dressing

Style Advisor: Festive Dressing

What does Christmas mean to you? Whether it’s numbing the pain of an inevitable family bust-up with booze or a seven-day party marathon with your mates, it can be tough. The former due to tedium and the latter to exhaustion. And let’s face it, you’re going to end up gorging yourself stupid on mince pies and cheese either way. Whatever it means to you and whatever the hardships you may or may not face, your outfit certainly shouldn’t pose a problem. From slick puffas to luxe scarves, here are four looks you’ll find us wearing in our festive downtime this Christmas.


The key to all of these looks is warmth and style in equal measure. Wear Valentino’s left-field camo puffa with a letterbox-red hoody courtesy of Givenchy. Very festive.


Want to look smart without relinquishing the urban aesthetic? Give yourself the gift of an iconic Canada Goose jacket and team with a silk Gucci knit scarf. A cool and sophisticated combination.


Givenchy have really got behind the athletic silhouettes inspired by the streetstyle trends of recent years. Layer this sports-inspired jacket over a luxe Gucci knit with festive red and green accents for a camera-ready Christmas day look.


We find that comfort is key on Christmas day. Wear something too restrictive, and you may find your Christmas-dinner-eating or rampant-present-opening capabilities impeded. Moncler’s classic grey marl sweater will ensure you can do both with ease.