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Style Advisor: Four Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Style Advisor: Four Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

February can be grim. The fuzzy warmth of Christmas is a distant memory and the dark nights stretch ahead interminably, interrupted only by drizzle and, on occasion, sleet. But brighten up! Rain, AKA the chemical reaction that sustains all life on earth, is nothing in the face of the right wardrobe. As the saying goes – there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes. And what better way to cheer yourself up on these cold, grey days than with some hyper stylish, practical-ish new kit. You might be feeling blue, but your wardrobe will be new, and that should be enough to make you smile. Here are four ways to brighten up winter with your wardrobe.

Grey and black Gucci Flashtreck trainers


Getting out and about might be tough when the weather is bad, but it’s an important contributor to your mental wellbeing. Luckily, even if you’re not up for an actual hike, Gucci have come up with these hiking-inspired trainers which will make you feel like you’ve been for a one (albeit through the urban jungle). Extra kudos for repping Moncler’s down-filled jackets and gilets which really were designed to be worn in the mountains, but look just as good in the street, too.


The start of a new year can be overwhelming – all of those resolutions you know you won’t keep, all of those social engagements you don’t want to go to, the work commitments you’d rather skip, the Marie Kondo-level of organisation you know you will never achieve. We have the answer – a pared-back wardrobe of simple, elegant pieces that are the sartorial equivalent of the refined, minimalist and sophisticated life you’d like to lead. Cue Dolce & Gabbana’s simple but luxe leather backpack – you’ll feel as put-together as you look when wearing it. And it’s somewhere to hide all of your life-detritus.

Dolce & Gabbana leather backpack
Valentino Rockstud camouflage trainers


Military-inspired camo pieces by Valentino may not employ the cutting-edge fabrication techniques and materials employed by the IRL army to keep the troops warm, but they sure do look great. Layered over a Saint Laurent hoodie and teamed with camo trainers and a signature Gucci beanie, you’ll be armed from your head to your toes to fight the cold in style. The ultimate arsenal with which to beat the tail end of winter. Combative.


You know the old adage ‘don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the one you want’? In our more fanciful moods, we like to imagine we can apply this to the weather, too. Or at least our accessories. Don a pair of Saint Laurent shades and you might just manage to kid yourself, and the rest of the world, that the sun is beating down and you’re soaking up the rays. Alternatively, we find that one if the most effective ways to beat the winter blues is to book a holiday. Then you can wear your new shades in the Maldives or Mexico, or wherever it is you decide to go.

Black metal Saint Laurent 86 thin frame sunglasses