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Style Advisor: Glamour The Italian Way

Style Advisor: Glamour The Italian Way

Channel Sophia Loren or a young Isabella Rosselini with our guide to glamour the Italian way. At Milan Fashion Week, the Roman streets transform into a parade of dramatic and inimitably stylish dressing. From Hollywood starlets to the fash pack’s most directional dressers, no-one escapes the siren call of Italian glamour. Propelled onto fashion’s world stage by Gucci, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana’s luxurious collections, it’s a country as well-known for its stilettos as it is for pizza. Here’s how to do high-octane glamour the Italian way.


In Italy, style is a way of life, and every Italian fashionista worth her penne knows the power of statement accessories. At the more exotic end of the spectrum, snake-skin, lamé and crystal-studded accessories from Dolce & Gabbana represent the crux of what evening dressing means to Italians – shine, glitz and shameless glamour.


A collection means choice and is a good basis for any wardrobe, so stylish Milanese women will always have a carefully considered collection of handbags and shoes from the country’s most feted fashion houses at her disposal. Italian craftsmanship is world-renowned as the gold standard and their accessories have a transformative effect on even the most ordinary outfits.


It’s not uncommon for an Italian woman to make key seasonal purchases with the intention of handing them down to the next generation. And it’s no wonder, when the country’s heritage brands have the fashion pedigree that they do. Fendi is a case in point – one of the oldest couture houses in the world, the Kan I is never out of style. A keep-forever, love-forever investment for the future.


Dress from the ground up with a pair of statement heels from cult Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti. Italian women know the power of a good pair of shoes and have an enviable ability to practically run at speed through the cobblestone streets of Italy’s chicest cities. Extra points for pulling them off gracefully.