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Style Advisor: How To Wear A Polo

Style Advisor: How To Wear A Polo

Polo shirts are an oft over-looked wardrobe essential. It’s as though by sheer value of their perennial nature, you forget how indispensable they are. They had a bit of a bad rep for a while back in the early 00s, which might have had something to do with their ubiquity. That, and an association with junior school P.E. Kits, which on reflection has something comfortingly nostalgic about it, and may work in their favour. With a storied sartorial history ranging from preppiness to sporting prowess to old school rock ‘n’ roll, few items of clothing have been through the mill like the polo shirt. Now, a new generation of designers have learned to appreciate its retro past and streetwear present, updating it in ever more luxurious ways. Slightly smarter than its collarless T-shirt cousin, a polo can be smartened up under a blazer, or worn on the beach. Here are four ways to wear an undeniable wardrobe classic.


Polo shirts have a timeless appeal, helped in large part by their sporting history. Channel a slightly retro edge with Gucci’s web-collared shirt in classic white, blue and red. Team with chino shorts and hiking boots for a feel that is equal part 1950s boy scout and equal part modern street style star.


Now you see it, now you don’t. Camouflage is a print as classic as the polo shirt. Valentino reimagined the military staple for AW17, adding contrasting sports stripes to lend it an air of militant athleticism. Soften this polo’s appeal with loose fit tailored trousers, an oversized bomber and court sneakers.


Givenchy has been a pioneer of the polo since creative director Riccardo Tisci took the helm. Truly taking the polo to the next level, reach for the stars and emblazon them in a wreath around your Givenchy-clad chest. Amplify the sporty aesthetic with Dsquared2's neoprene joggers and Fendi's mesh sneakers.


All these grey and blue polos getting you down? Go left and opt for something decidedly not boring with Versace’s mosaic polo. Inspired by ancient Grecian sculpture and contemporary modern art, it’s slim fit and primary colours will perfectly mould to your sculpted torso. Wear with black jeans, low tops and a clashing printed bag.