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Style Advisor: How To Wear Colour

Style Advisor: How To Wear Colour

A lot of men shy away from colour. The bright hues and vibrant shades can be a bit daunting in a world where neutrals, white and grey reign. While it’s nice sometimes to shroud yourself in black and adopt the veil of anonymity the absence of colour affords, introducing some will add an element of individualism and a talking point that head to toe beige just doesn’t. We don’t want to live in a beige world, populated by beige people, so here are four ways to wear colour without risking the "children’s TV presenter" vibe.


Pick a single colour as a starting point. Working with a mix of neutrals and brights will have colourful but sleek results. A pop of teal and red beneath a Vivienne Westwood camel coat is the perfect example of this in action. Combine textures and contrasting shades for a smart, autumnal look.


A red sweatshirt is an accessible way in to colour. We’ve been proclaiming the virtues of sweaters all week, and retro red and a logo print will enable you to channel the season’s ‘90s trend with aplomb. Tone it down with a washed-out denim jacket. Your wardrobe will thank you.


What is it they say? Blue and green should never be seen? Well, what about blue and blue? Layering the same colour may seem like a bit much but, trust us, it’s one of the most directional ways to use it at the moment. Something only those in the know will even attempt to pull off.


Not ready to commit to colour? Start small with just an accent of your favourite hue to set the tone of your look. Khaki is also a good alternative if you find yourself perpetually drawn to black, navy and neutrals. Layer a shirt over a colourful Tee and reap all of the colour rewards without leaving your shady comfort zone.