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Style Advisor: How To Wear It

Style Advisor: How To Wear It

From fastening your top button to rolling up your hems, a pretty basic styling trick can transform your outfit. With a little sartorial experimentation, we’ve discovered that hems and cuffs have more than one purpose. Instead of wearing clothes ‘properly’ (whatever that means), mix up your genres and roll up your sleeves for some next level outfit customisation.


If you’re wearing your jacket completely zipped up or undone, then you need to reconsider your game. Wear a double collar – a Givenchy shirt under a Stone Island jacket typifies our fixation with luxury streetwear – and button only the top of the over-shirt. Breaking all the rules.


The observant among you will note that mixing genres is a theme in this styling guide. Wear your artisanal Italian tailoring and leather dress shoes (courtesy of Valentino) with an over-sized, casual T-shirt tucked in to their tightly belted waist. Extra points for cropped legs.


This may not be revolutionary, but the humble hem roll deserves a mention. Whether they come turned up already (like these Gucci jeans), or you’ve got to put the effort in and do it yourself, it’s the best way we know to show off your luxe high tops.


This styling trend has its origins in skate culture, and everyone knows there’s no better way to wear a sweatshirt than by not actually wearing it. Executing the perfect half pipe can get a bit sweaty, so sling your Valentino camo print around your chest and simply tie in a knot. Just make sure the sleeves are long enough to cover your dench pecs.