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Style Advisor: Italian Wardrobe Update

Style Advisor: Italian Wardrobe Update

Italian style is synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail and stylish flair. There are few nations as renowned for their suave and gentlemanly appearance as the Italians – pristine chinos, linen suits and soft leather loafers being amongst their most notable calling cards. But what is it about their apparently innate sense of style that enables them to look simultaneously sleek and nonchalant? Obviously, there’s the inimitability of Italian design and the almost undetectable but very chic idiosyncrasies in styling that so many Italian men seem to have mastered. Oh, yeh, Okay – maybe that’s it. Whilst the latter is something every man has to work on himself, we can certainly help you out with the former. We know Italian design very well. As Milan Fashion Week Men’s draws to a close, attended by some of the world’s best dressed men, here are four looks to help you in your quest for the ultimate Italian style.


A non-negotiable Italian staple, polos and loafers are as ubiquitous as pasta and meatballs on the streets of Milan and Rome. Make like one of the Milanese style set and pair Gucci’s iconic horsebit version with perfectly tailored trousers, a luxe bomber jacket and Dolce & Gabbana polo for an elegant off-duty look that Mr Valentino himself would be proud of.


Despite their reputation for smartness, in many ways Italians do informal dressing better than anyone else. We think it’s down to the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and life-affirming approach to down time. Kick back like a carefree Roman in Gucci’s low top sneakers, chino shorts and a statement Tee.


Italian men don’t abide by the normal rules of style. Theirs is a wardrobe defined by a peerless combination of opulent formality and insouciant relaxation. Where an Englishman will tend towards the overtly formal, an Italian will loosen his top button, go tieless and experiment with textures. Channel this sense of ease with an unbuttoned shirt, embroidered chinos and luxe velvet loafers.


With the worlds of streetwear and high fashion colliding, MFWM was awash with ever more contemporary approaches to the elegant dressing typical of Italians. Embrace the trend without jeopardising your smart appearance by replacing the traditional blazer with a slick shell jacket, wearing exquisitely cut biker trousers, an epaulette shirt and slip-on sneakers.