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Style Advisor: Jair Woo's Coachella Essentials

Style Advisor: Jair Woo's Coachella Essentials

Jair Woo is a man who takes his style very seriously, insofar as a laid-back, Californian coastal dweller can. The chilled-out, blissed-out CA lifestyle means that, despite his carefully considered approach to fashion, the results are effortless. We’re yet to meet a tastemaker as aesthetically attuned to the weather and heat as he is, with an Instagram feed of sun bleached shots, arid desert landscapes and clothes with a rock ‘n’ roll feel. Despite the heat, the overall effect is undeniably cool, and we’re more than a bit envious of this Coachella veteran’s denim wardrobe. With the iconic music festival on the horizon, we caught up with Jair to find out what his packing recommendations are for a weekend of sun-drenched, hedonistic fun.


“Coachella is a place where you’ll find an abundance of fashion-forward outfits. My go to items while packing for Coachella are quite simple. Since it’s very hot during the day you want to pack something light and comfortable, whether that be a band t-shirt, a tank top, or a button down linen shirt.”


“I couldn’t live without my denim jacket. It's a great transitional piece for this time of year. It's easy to style up and you can always throw it on in the evening once the sun sets. Even though Coachella is hot, don't forget to pack a flannel shirt or a denim jacket. It gets a bit chilly in the evenings, so you’ll want to bring something to layer up for the night.”


“The 'California Look' is definitely a very effortless, laid back look. The main thing to have in mind when you’re packing is that you’ll be under the Coachella Valley sun all day, so you’ll want to bring shorts, and not a lot else. Bring several pairs of shorts for the festival and leave your jeans at home.”


“As far as shoes go, I’d recommend either some comfortable boots or contemporary sneakers. You will be on your feet all day, so you need to have comfortable shoes in order to enjoy rocking out to your favorite bands. Also, accessorize. Don't forget your mirrored sunglasses and your stacked bracelets. You'll be right at home.”