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Style Advisor: LFWM Street Style Trends

Style Advisor: LFWM Street Style Trends

As ever, the streets of London during Fashion Week Men’s were awash with high-profile industry insiders, street style obsessives and just generally quite beautiful people. Whether or not you fit into any of those categories (we’ll admit they’re pretty niche, although we’re sure you’re gorgeous), we can all take a few style notes from the attendees of one of the world’s most iconic fashion events for men. Think of them as your fashion lodestars, or just as a bit of casual weekday inspo, whatever you like really. Read on for our edit of LFWM SS18’s most stylish looks.


This is a trend we will (probably) never tire of, not only because it’s effortlessly cool, but because we quite honestly can’t think of anything we’d like to wear more than luxe track pants and sneakers designed by a master of 20th century design. If you can manage to make it look as slick as this guy on the left we saw hanging outside the Belstaff show (which shouldn’t be too hard), then hats off to you.


By definition, heritage brands like Tommy Jeans have a unique longevity, and whilst their popularity may surge and fall, they’ll always find themselves back in the spotlight at some time or another. Ditto primary colours. There’s something archetypal about them that appeals to our most basic aesthetic instincts. Make the trend wearable by pairing a bright red jacket or trousers with an otherwise monochrome outfit. A great introduction to colour if you usually shy away from it.


Okay, so minimalist sneakers aren’t exactly revolutionary. However, their prevalence on the streets of London Fashion Week Men was quite remarkable. They were, quite literally, on every street corner. Wear with another ubiquitous LFWM trend, a (preferably Stone Island) work shirt and some white sports socks for an understated and modern look.


We saw a new breed of formalwear at this week’s LFWM with a seamless blend of classic tailoring and contemporary casuals. Wear the trend with a carefully selected, printed Tee that perfectly complements the colour of your suit. The extra discernment of this subtle choice denotes a certain quality of man, whilst ensuring that your formalwear isn’t too stuffy. Put a Gucci Supreme man bag in the mix and you mark yourself as a member of a tribe of formulaically fashion forward men. Kudos.