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Style Advisor: The New Denim

Style Advisor: The New Denim

Andy Warhol once said that he wanted to ‘die with his blue jeans on’. Now, we’re not suggesting you do that, but we get the sentiment. They are an undisputed classic, and everyone but everyone, from A$AP Rocky to Theresa May, has a pair in their wardrobe. Suitable everywhere from the pub to the office, their versatility is also a huge part of the appeal. And we’re not just wearing them on our bottom half any more. We’ve got jackets, shirts and jeans that are ripped, distressed, double and even triple on our list of potential looks for AW17. Read on to discover a new take on a modern classic.


Of course, blue is the classic colour for denim, but when it comes to Saint Laurent (whose founder was a famous high-fashion advocate for the humble jean) black is the way to go. This distressed denim jean shirt will give you that slightly rogue-ish, dishevelled nonchalance the maison is so famous for.


Why limit yourself to one shade of denim when you can have two? A directional take on a trusted classic, Gucci’s bi-colour jeans are the answer to the light-or-dark-blue-jean conundrum we so often find ourselves in. Very of-the-moment, too.


We call this Lanvin shearling jacket look ‘refined and rugged’. Vaguely hip but still more than acceptable attire for a modern and sophisticated man, it’s the perfect down-time ensemble. Double up on the denim if you dare.


Youthful and verging on the stylish side of gothic, a rolled-up slim-fit jean, white sock and black trainer combination gives off rock ‘n’ roll, rebellious vibes. Especially when the denim is Saint Laurent and the trainers are Fendi.